30 Mar

Building Blocks – Social Skills Group

 ~ MEDICARE REBATE MAY APPLY ~A 6 week social skills group for primary school children to incrementally learn and develop the social skills required in their every day interactions and relationships with peers and adults at home, at school and other contexts.Is your child struggling to make and keep friends?Is your child’s chronological age greater than their emotional and cognitive development? Does your child do well academically, but struggle socially? Would you like your child to be able to moderate their responses?If the answer is yes to any of these questions, join our social skills group.Social skills are just as important for success as academic skills. Building Blocks provides structured, scaffolded learning opportunities through experiential play, videos, games and roles plays.Our social skills groups focus on;The ‘hidden social rules’ in different contexts.Recognising that I have thoughts and feelings and you have thoughts and feelings.Whole body listening.How to join a group.How to negotiate friendships. Big problems...

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