31 Jan Parental Influence and Effects on Children

It is my professional opinion that children’s views in general are influenced to a lesser or greater degree, by significant people and situations in their lives. Parental influence on children and young people’s views and beliefs is inevitable.

Parental influence is transferred to children through comments, conversations, actions and the relationship the parents have with each other.

It becomes much more important for children of separated parents to become attuned to cues from their parents of what is acceptable, as children want to please parents.

In situations where there may be conflict and antagonism in the separated parental relationship, the children try even harder toward learning ways of pleasing parent/s in the hope of maintaining parental peace.

Many times, the pleasing of parent/s could come at a cost to the children’s emotional, physical and social wellbeing. The result is children experiencing high levels of stress.

Living in alternate households, in their daily interactions children would be constantly monitoring their loyalty meter-gauge for their parents, what can be talked about and what needs to be kept a secret, so as not to upset the parent/s.

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