31 Jan Children and Separation

Parental conflict and effects on children

It has been my experience that for children, witnessing parental conflict and violence can be a traumatic experience having different effects, and creating conflict and contradictions in the emotional bond the child has with the parent/s. The child loves and dislikes the parent simultaneously. Subsequently, the child needs support in acknowledging the emotional conflict that s/he may be experiencing so that the child is able to hold on to the love for the parent, while maintain a regard for respectful relations. Support may be provided through some short term counselling where the child is helped with managing the emotional conflict.

Negative comments about the ‘other parent’

What has the potential of being very damaging for the children emotional development is to hear the non resident parent been talked about and referred to in negative ways by the resident parent. Children in so many ways make it clear or allude to in a number of ways that they love each parent and it is painful for the children to know that the parents don’t like each other or worse still that the parents hate each other. If you wish for more information please make contact.

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